Sexy Simple Love
Founder Adamaris Mendoza

Adamaris Mendoza, founder of Sexy, Simple Love.

Adamaris is a psychotherapist and coach with over 10 years of experience helping women take ownership of their lives by breaking through their fears and lack of clarity to instead feel confident to build a connected and thriving relationships that nourish them. Allowing them to experience the freedom of living the big bold life they desire.

You’re successful and have achieved so many of your goals in life and now you’re ready to truly fall in love. Whether you’ve never been married or in a long standing committed relationship, you’ve been divorced for a while or newly single I’m here to help you.

You want to bring to life the love life of your dreams. You’re ready to open up and trust someone again. But you’ve been hurt before and you don’t want to go at this alone this time. You want an expert to guide and support you so you can be your best and make decisions that empower you instead of keep you in the same old cycle of undesirable relationships.

Don’t worry. That’s what I’m here for!!!


Sexy Simple Love

How to get started with love, simply.

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